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The primary goal of FDLRS/Gateway Parent Services is to provide information, training and support to families of students with disabilities as well as to school district personnel. The districts served by FDLRS/Gateway include Columbia, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison and Suwannee counties.
Parent Services include:
  • Telephone and email information and support
  • Workshops
  • Sibshops
  • Disability Awareness information and training
  • Lending library
  • Assistance for parents to attend workshops, conferences or other trainings

For more information on these services, select one of the links on the right side of this page or contact:

5683 US Highway 129 South. Suite 1
Jasper, FL 32052
386-792-2877 (In Hamilton County)
1-800-227-0059 (Parents - out of Hamilton county)
1-800-404-0205 (Educators - out of Hamilton County)
website: www.fdlrsgateway.com

Pam Lake, Parent Resource Specialist
Email: pam.lake@fdlrsgateway.com